Sample Term Paper

  1. Identify at least two reasons Romanians are motivated to obtain a job at Nokia’s new factory in Cluj.

First of all the reason why Nokia chose Cluj to set up their plant is because Cluj is the home of a very well regarded technical university that produces a good number of engineering graduates which would help the company for its local technical manpower hiring.

Apart from that the biggest reason why Romanians are highly motivated to get a job at Nokia is because the city of Cluj has a population of around 400,000 but they are still suffering from poverty. Most of the citizens are having a sub standard life style. Similarly unemployment is also on the higher side of the scale. This could be understand from the fact that most of the people living there earn as little as $180 per month. So keeping in mind these factors the local workforce is highly motivated to work for Nokia.

  1. Identify at least three factors that are likely to contribute to the intrinsic motivation of those hired. Explain how these factors will contribute.

First of all the biggest intrinsic factor would be pride, pride of working for the biggest handset maker in the globe. Secondly as we have stated deform that Cluj has a very well renowned engineering university so the students from that university would be very eager in having a good opportunity to demonstrate their academic skills in the practical work. And last but not the least the chances of training and development and growing in career are also factors that would contribute to the intrinsic motivation.

All these factors are directly related to the satisfaction and the intrinsic motivation of an individual and as the people of Cluj didn’t had an opportunity like this before it is very likely that the company would be able to achieve desired results

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