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OSHA has a Strategic Management Plan for 2003-2008. Briefly summarize that plan and comment on its new goals and the criteria used for target industries. Have any of the new goals from this plan had, or will have, an effect on your workplace? Explain and give an example.

( Please provide approximately 250-300 words and a reference citation for your source material in your response.

On May 12, 2003 OSHA uncovered its new strategic management plan for the years 2003-2008 under which a roadmap was laid out to achieve the ultimate goal of OSHA which is to provide the workers in the United States with a safe working environment. Under the new plan, OSHA has three major goals which it aims to achieve in 6 years. These goals are to reduce the occupational hazards from workplaces through direct interventions, to bring to light a safety and health culture with the help of compliance assistance, cooperative program and through a confident leadership. OSHA also aims to reduce the rate of workplace fatalities by almost 15% while reducing the illness rate by 20% at the end of its strategic management plan. For this purpose, OSHA will highlight specific areas in which much of the emphasis will be given. The new plan also covers a number of other issues which were not traditionally addresses by the agency (OSHA, 2003). For the year 2003-2004, in order to accomplish the newly set goals, efforts were made to identify industries which had high injury, illness rates. A number of criteria were used in identification of these industries which included the follow:

* Industries with no less than 5,000 total injury and illness cases in Calendar Year (CY) 2000;

* Industries with a lost workday injury/illness rate (LWDII) of 3.0 or greater in CY 2000;

* Industries not in construction;

* Industries with no more than 30% of injuries and illnesses involving days away from work caused by ergonomic events; and

* Industries with at least 50% of injuries and illnesses involving days away from work so severe as to result in at least six days away from work (OSHA, 2010).

The OSHA strategic plan will have no affect on my workplace as I am currently a student and hence do not get involved in activities involving hazardous tasks.

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