Sample Term Paper

  1. Coco Partnership:

Cadbury has played an important role in the development of Ghana as a coco producing country. In this regard a partnership with the UNDP United Nations development programme has been started which aims at the support and development of Ghana as a coco producing country. Their main focus is on improving farmers’ income, empowering through partnerships.

6a. Purple goes green: Waste

Cadbury is working hard to achieve zero waste. Waste can be generated through the outer shell of the coco plant, problems in wrapping material, manufacturing problem, equipment removal etc. Cadbury is using a format that is reduce, reuse & recycle. In countries where there is no formal process of waste reduction, waste disposal companies are hired. A good example of reusing is that in Ghana where the used metal containers are reused in the form of pots.

6b.   Performance metrics:

The ultimate objective is to achieve zero waste. Target is to achieve by 2020 reducing carbon emission by 50%. Primary objective is to make an environment friendly atmosphere with minimum waste production.

7. Corporate responsibility effort:

Cadbury has started a new program in Ghana with the name of the bicycle program. According to this program 5000 bicycles would be provided. The need of this program came from the emergence that 40m children in Africa grow up without schooling and the main reason for that is transporting. Hey have to walk for two hours to reach school. In this prospect this is an innovative idea to promote educational activities in Ghana (Forde).

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