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Term Paper on Globalization | Term Paper Queen

Sample Term Paper

The best example in this regard could be

1. Faster production to cater market demand

2. Globally access to technology

3. Short product development due to competition

In short we can say that technology have played a vital role in making this world a global village.

As everything have its good side and a bad side. Critics of globalization over the years have pointed out several aspects which they consider are harmful for the world some of them are discussed below.

One of the biggest advantages of globalization is that most of the developed nations outsource their manufacturing and white collar jobs to countries like China and India where the labor cost is fairly cheap. This means less jobs for the host nation’s people apart from manufacturing jobs accountants, programmers, editors and scientists also lost their jobs because of outsourcing (Udagama).

Secondly globalization has also increased the exploitation of the labor means because of the stiff competition workers are forced to work extra hours to maintain the demand and supply. In this regards the basic human rights are also violated on occasions.

Then people have also become very conscious about their jobs because of so much competition people have insecurity of regarding their jobs. Also increased job competition has led to wage reduction lower quality of living. Companies are installing their plants here and there which are also causing pollution because of the toxic waste material.

All in all we can say that globalization has both its advantages as well as its disadvantages. So we can say that it is somewhere in between.

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