Sample Term Paper

According to David O. Friedrichs (April 1983) radical victimology is defined to be oppressing conditions which causes crimes. Victims of crime ( are subjected to brutal policies in name of maintaining law and order. Exploitation is experienced in unjust society where workers are deprived their rights by capitalism system, failure to deter complex crimes subject individuals to victimization. Victimization is caused by deliberate and intentional violation of law by modifying role of victims to person who provides credible emotions to persecution causing actual harm being forgotten and focus is directed to offenders thus denial of right to victims due to social class difference.

Wemmers Joanne (September 2008) and Marylyn D. McShane and Frank P. Williams III (April 1992) point of view states that victims in past were actively involved in criminal justice process and were in charge of initiating and prosecutions of offenders. They have been banished from their role by being sideline and roles reduced to that of witnesses, government uses law by introducing third party for intervention restricting victims role.

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