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During the invasion at Normandy, these two Battalions were expected to work jointly and as such, they created a team on the 9th, May, 1944[1]. They were allocated the provisional Ranger Group by the overall commander. This group was temporarily connected to the 116th Infantry Regiment that constituted the 29th Infantry Division. In order to execute the duties accordingly, the Provisional Ranger Group was later subdivided in to three main units that encompassed task Force A, B and C.

The group that made up Task Force A was mainly comprised of companies drawn from the Second Ranger Battalion. Additionally, some members of this group were also drawn from the Headquarters Company. They were charged with the critical responsibility of destroying the 155mm firearms that were considered to have been positioned at Pointe du Hoc. This positioning would enable the German army to effectively attack the US targets on the beaches of Utah and Omaha. In addition, it would also enable the German attackers to destroy the naval vessels that were meant to support the US landings in the invasion area. These units were transferred by LSI-Ben-MY-Chree that was responsible for transporting Companies E, F and the headquarter staff[2]. LSI Amerstdam then transported company D and E. According to the initial plans, these were supposed to arrive at Pointe du Hoc at half pas six in the morning.

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[2] Keegan, pp. 62

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