Sample Term Paper

In the context of GWVC, there is considerably high level of stress accrued from working environment, lack of job satisfaction and the individual stressors resulting to underperformance.

As Goshen, (2008) puts it; stress level usually correlates to the job satisfaction, motivation and poor performance. In this regard, stress is defined as an adaptive response, moderated by individual differences, that is a consequence of any action, situation, or event that places special demands on a person. Whereby, special demand can be in terms of unusual, physically or psychologically threatening, or outside our usual set of experiences. In this case, the sources of stressors can be seen in terms of individual, working condition, and socio-economic environment.

However, in order to identify stress level organizational stress model; A model is used. This model gives the link between stressors at individual, group, organization level and non-work environment that results to stress that in turn results to psychological, cognitive and behavioral outcomes respectively.

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