Sample Term Paper

Organizational behaviour normally varies depending on a number of factors. Different organizations have different management and team structure upon which people interrelated. According to Thompson (2003, pp. 3-207), the manner in which people relate in an organization is normally a reflection of the structures, team members’ diversity, the core goals to be achieved, and the actual manner in which the personnel in the different accounting firms intend to network among themselves.

In this paper, the various issues that relate to the Shipping Industry Accounting Team case study have been analysed and fully discussed. The kind of team that was formed and the purpose behind the team’s formation has also been discussed and its importance also dealt with. It is clear that centralisation of business operations is important. However, proper planning and organization need to take place in order to ensure that adequate resource allocation is fully done. The team effectiveness model has also been used in the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of the team environment illustrated in the case study (Woo and Cooper, 1982, pp. 106-113). Finally, the various assumptions made in the entire case study towards the attainment of the organizational goals has also been discussed and possible viable recommendations made to the case study team that faces various challenges in its mode of operation.

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