To enhance productivity of an organization, it is important to embark on the retention of employees. At JC casino, improving organization retention entails the ability of the company to ensure that it keeps all its employees without the risk of them joining other companies working in the same line of operations – competitors. Job satisfaction emanates from clear comprehension of individual roles and duties within the company.

As such, more training will improve the understanding of the employees’ responsibilities.Bottom up communication ensures that all emerging issues of the employees receive the due attention without necessarily having to rely on assumptions to judge the feelings of the workers (Rawls, 16). Currently, the company owner has created a situation where the employees feel their issues and views on performance are not well taken care of. Consequently, they accuse the manager for being toxic and incompetent. Bottom up communication ensures that the employees will work in a context where they freely raise their concerns. This ultimately creates a friendly environment that brings about higher productivity.

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