Sample Term Paper

In the corporate world, firms recognize that an organization’s ability to learn and adapt to a rapidly changing environment is the key to survival and growth. Organizational learning which occurs through shared insights, knowledge, knowledge and mental models and builds on past experience and knowledge results in significant positive transformations that foster development within and without.

Diversity promotes the generation of ideas (Friedman, 2008). Successful firms are those that best harness the collective knowledge of their employees. The collective knowledge of groups is enhanced by including persons with different experiences and backgrounds. The success of the famous Manhattan project attests to this. To support this, marketers have discovered that many ideas of new products are from subcultures. Emphatic marketing is effective. Firms that hire employees similar to their employees are able to be more successful as they capture the diverse needs, tastes and preferences of heir customers. A homogeneous workforce is unlikely to come up with creative solutions to the problems faced by a national or global market that is characterized by individuals from different nationalities, races and religions.

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