Sample Term Paper

As secondary outcomes patients will be asked to rate their satisfaction with their care, and physiotherapists and patients will be asked to rate their judged degree of improvement at the end of therapy.   Strength of belief in different therapies will be measured using a visual analogue or Likert scale.

The Internal Control Index questionnaire (a health locus of control measure) will be used to explore if this personality trait modifies the effect of the intervention.  All the outcomes are collected by self completed questionnaires sent and returned by post.  Patients will be reminded by post and telephone or personal visit up to four times or until they state that they wish to withdraw from the study. We ask post the questionnaire and assessment tools to the patients at the 6th week, 3rd month, 6th month, 12th month and 18th month interval from the commencement of the study. [This will not only enable the outcome results to be compared between short term and long term  but it will also allow  progression patterns to form  we will be able to assess how preference patterns  change over a period of time.]

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