Sample Term Paper

The triangle shape enhances that packaging of the advertisement such that the main subject is centered. Easy delivery of the product is assured by the presence of a deliveryman at the bottom of the advertisement. Red and gold colors are favorably emphasized at different proportions and tone. The tone of red color that represents love, cheerfulness and delicious party that should accompany the consumption of the Whitman’s chocolate.

The lady on the left hand side with a chunk of chocolate seems to have directly picked the chocolate like berry from the present flora; thus, chocolate sweets can be presumed to have a sweet scent and aroma of the white flower besides the stereotypical chocolate taste and aroma. Consequently, Whitman’s chocolate is presented and wrapped up as a very delicious product that has a chocolate and flowery taste at the same time according to the advertisement arrangement. Whitman’s chocolate must be a quality and delicious product judging from the feelings and emotions expressed by the subjects on the advertisement. The high points of the advertisement are the use of a centralized flower to depict the natural flavor of the chocolate. Similarly, the three chocolates possessed by each lady are varied and thus an indication that despite the varied flavors of the chocolate, the delicacy is still the same-very delicious. A deliveryman carrying boxes of the chocolate is illustrated to show that the Whitman’s company is ready to offer delivery services, thus you do not need to hassle to get the chocolates in your mouth.

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