Sample Term Paper

The company manufactures ten thousand units of one gallon paints in a day. The machines are automated and this means that packaging are uniform. The paints are then loaded in the company tracks for distribution in various hardwares. The siphoning of the paints therefore can only take place between the moment that the tracks are outside the vicinity of the company and before they reach the distribution stores.

For this operation to be effective, several individuals may be involved. In other words, it involves the society within which our company is located. If this is the case, thenĀ  it could be helpful to find out how the used cans are being disposed of in the society. The company does not recycle cans. We order cans from an established can factory. In other words, there is the possibility of the cans being reused for other purposes. The siphoning cannot take place within the company because there are measures that the company has adopted to ensure that no employee interferes with the products. The company seals are also very difficult to break even though there is a possibility of someone breaking them and successfully making a replacement. There is possibility of interference after sealing.

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