Sample Term Paper

The assumption is that all the cans contain a standard amount of paint. There are three expected results. The first expected result should be that all the selected paints contain the same amount of paints. Owing to the complaint by the clients, the cans are also expected to contain less paint. Another result is that the cans should contain more paint than indicated.  In other words, all the paints selected will either be above the standard measure as is being claimed by the company or below the standard measure as is claimed by the clients. The standard measure being one gallon, it is expected that the results be either above that figure or below that figure.

            If the data shows that all the samples are above the one gallon measure as stated by the company, then the possible conclusions are that the clients want the quantity to be increased dishonestly or the distributors are interfering with the paints before they are sold. Should it be below the stated capacity, then there may be a deliberate attempt by some employees to defraud the company. My position being that of the company is that we pack paints according to the stated standard and quantity which is one gallon and in order to give our clients better services, the amount is more than one gallon. The statistician’s data should therefore prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the company more than meets the requirements of the customers or that our products are below the specified and required amount.

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