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In general, disputes and other problems that arise within the group are also addressed in a similar manner. During the relationship, Yalom requests the patients to make keen observations about themselves. In this regard, he tries to develop what he terms as a self-reflective loop. He asserts that in the process of making the observations about what they are engaging in at that particular moment, what they are saying and the feelings they are experiencing then, the members are in the best position to learn about how they would act independent of the group. In other words, they are in the best position to initiate, maintain and sustain viable relationships once they quit the group.

From his perception, Yalom sees the group developed by the patients as the basic of all other social groups that are found within the family as well as within the larger societal context. It is because of the fact that such groups equip the patients with fundamental knowledge with which they can be able to co-exist in other external groups. He further asserts that in order for the group to become effective, there is need to place therapy at the center of the life of the client.

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