Sample Term Paper

Coming to Pentium’s Dual-Core family of processors, it should be known that this is supposed to be the latest Pentium branded family. They are budget dual-core microprocessors with separate versions for mobile and desktop. The architecture used in Dual-Core Pentium processors is Core micro architecture having most of the Core’s prototype features like instructions of 32 KB and data cache of 32 KB per core which is used to quickly access the data stored in memory. Instruction used here are SSE3 and supplemental SSE3.

Execution has a dynamic wide range known as Wide Dynamic Execution where four instructions per clock can be executed by every core. They are also able to run 128-bit instruction in a single clock cycle and the instruction can be SSE, this is known as advanced digital media boost. There is a feature which stops the running of malevolent pieces of code by the external program. These pieces of code could load as data into the memory of system. This feature is executable disable bit which marks the data memory segments as non-executable. Pentium Dual-Core processors by Intel have relatively small level 2 cache if compared to Core 2 Duo microprocessors. As we are discussing the desktop microprocessors therefore the Mobile version features are not being elaborated here which shows the efficient features of Intel Pentium Dual-Core processors even more (CPU World 2008).

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