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Sample Depression Paper

Different communities may perceive the disease differently. It has even been noticed that, some people of certain cultures prefer to go to spiritual healers rather than seek medical attention (Nayem F, 2005). In some cultures, people prefer to treat this ailment with alternative therapies to allopathic ones.Depression, though a serious and a debilitating disease, does not command the same attention as other diseases like heart diseases or Parkinson’s disease or even obesity.

According to Jeannie Pasacreta (2008) there has been little attention given to depression and its consequences when we compare it with other diseases. For example obesity has been associated with diabetes many a times.

Even though depression also has a similar association with type II diabetes, not many people are aware of this fact.  Since public concern is lacking in communities, many people who have depression fail come forward, and receive proper treatment. If this trend continues prevalence of depression will continue to rise.


Though the attitudes of different cultures may vary towards the disease, it doesn’t change the fact that “depression poses enormous costs for individual, family and the society” (Nayem F, 2005).

Depression is a severe disease with far reaching effects, starting from the patient himself, who may inflict self harm, leading to the family life, which cannot function in the same way as before.

There has been research which demonstrates that depression poses a considerable economic burden on the person, communities and health services as the treatment is long term and the patient can no longer productively contribute towards the society while ill. (Nayem F, 2005). This further highlights the need to conduct a survey to assess the perception of depression across the various cultures

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