Sample Term Paper

Personal factors that influence consumer behaviour include age, occupation, economic status, lifestyle and personality. People change the things they purchase over their lifetime. Tastes in different things like food, clothes, furniture, personal effects and entertainment are usually age-related. Stages in the family lifecycle also shape the purchasing behaviour of the family.

People in different occupations purchase different goods and services. For example in dressing, blue-collar workers tend to purchase more rugged clothes, while the white-collar workers tend to purchase more business suits. There are situations where organizations specialize on production of items required by a particular occupational group. Computer software developers, for example, will develop different software for accountants, brand managers, engineers, doctors etc (Quester et al 2007). The economic status of an individual will largely determine what that individual purchases. A person with high economic status will go for sophisticated more expensive brands and products than an individual with low economic status.

A person’s pattern of living, popularly known as lifestyle, is involved in measuring consumer’s major AIO dimensions. Factors that determine a person’s lifestyle are activities like hobbies, work, and support, interests like food, fashion and entertainment and opinions. Personality is established by inner traits and personal behaviour. Individual’s personality determines his/her purchasing behaviour. Personality refers to distinct psychological traits that cause relatively steady and lasting responses to the person’s environment. It makes a person unique and thus his/her purchasing behaviour is unique (Deaton and Muellbaue 1980).

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