Sample Term Paper

Personal leadership approaches


Leadership Style

The foremost important thing to exercise leadership solely is getting the right thing from right source at right time by providing them incentive either by luxury, threats or various control. The leader is much strict, is more what result oriented and is a regular follower over his subordinates when it comes to complete the task. This type of leader would prefer to delegate tasks and be a strict critic later where blaming others who do it wrong and not praising those who did it right, just a fear that they then would get overconfident.

With such a result oriented approach I know this leadership style would face a lot of criticism for its harsh approach but when it is about getting things done then from my point of view be it hard or a soft approach it is just about getting the results, which apparently from can be best taken through a theory X approach.

My leadership style closely matchesthe autocratic nature. I think I am

  • Strict
  • More result oriented
  • A regular follower over subordinates when it comes to complete the task
I would like to:

  • care for others while delegating tasks
  • have soft corner for subordinates


Engaging with others in the workplace



It is vital for a team lead or a person assigned with the task of managing a team is that his team members must feel comfortable in terms of communicating with him without feeling any possible barrier. This is only important if a friendly atmosphere at work is fostered in the first place. When such an environment is created it provides all team members an opportunity to share their difficulties and problems that they experience in terms of encountering any complications as far as the workload is concerned. Another prime advantage that is also attributed to this is manifested in the form of developing confidence and a level of trust between the different employees that work under the same conditions and environment.

I consider myself a true professional who possesses the following traits:

  • Influence others to adapt new attitudes
  • Resist against the influence of others
On the contrary, I would like to have the following characteristics

  • Show such professionalism to people which can motivate them




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