Sample Term Paper

The article highlights many real life cases where companies have become victims of Click Fraud and after reading it makes us wonder that somehow, if not today, then in future, anybody is equally likely to become a victim of it (Palma, 2008).

How are we to save ourselves or our company from being billed due to click fraud, where somebody else enjoys $25 thousand out of fake clicks? When Google and Yahoo, who can be said are the main source of fuel for such click fraud rings, are not putting in much efforts for the correction of this problem, then how would click fraud scam come to an end? Will it continue to grow?

The article gives examples of a few people who were involved in conducting click fraud such, David Struck and his wife, Renee who made more than $5,000 in four months through Click Fraud scam. Also,, as highlighted in the article, is another click fraud ring which constitutes several parked sites. These sites are registered to Roland Kiss of Budapest. Kiss has an expertise in ‘paid to read’ websites (Palma, 2008).

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