Sample Term Paper

From the discussion, it cannot be disputed that global warming is a real phenomenon whose effects have various implications on the wellbeing of humanity. It can also be appreciated that the key contributors to this are the activities that humans engage in an effort to provide for their livelihoods. To this effect, the proposed mitigations indicate that the power to counter the effects of global warming lies in the ability humanity. Seemingly, this can be achieved if humans use their knowledge to derive strategies that will be instrumental in countering the effects of this phenomenon.

To this end, several stakeholders will have to make different contributions to this cause, in line with their capacities in different realms. This entails interplay of various political, social, economic, cultural and religious factors that affect decision making with regard to policy formulation, implementation and enforcement. Finally, it should be appreciated that to effectively manage this scenario, collective efforts and responsibility is of essence. It is because the effects of global warming are global, and not merely local, national or regional.

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