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Term Paper: Philip Morris towards Public health | Term Paper Queen

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Philip Morris is acknowledging the scientific evidence which proves that smoking causes lung cancer and other diseases related to heart. In recent times the company has invested a huge amount on the research and development side of the business just to ensure a prevailing scientific opinion about the health risk of smoking. This move was followed soon after the company was facing intense pressure from regulators, NGO’s, smoking related lawsuits, Congress and other health organizations.

The company has placed a special page on its official web-site which clearly indicate the health related issues of smoking, the effects of smoking, what are the ingredients of a cigarette, and different other information regarding smoking and its adversaries. It also states that clearly that smoking is addictive. This is a huge line as many companies don’t use such kind of phrases very commonly today. Also as a matter of fact it’s part of the new trend which is being adopted by most of the tobacco producers according to which they are changing their public image by putting health related issues first. This move was also influenced by the heavy payments that the producers have paid is the settlement of the lawsuits in the last two years which almost cost the companies $246 billion. This amount was paid in return to the lawsuits which were brought in by the states to recover the medication cost for treating the ill smokers. Another factor of going so public and delivering the message of damages of smoking is believed to be that the companies have identified that they don’t want to add new people on the smokers list and they want to make it harder for those who want to start smoking and afterwards sue the company for not giving them proper awareness about the damages of smoking. This is the reason more disclosures about smoking risks are displayed by the industry giants.

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