Sample Term Paper

Philosophy uses the human faculties of observation, analysis, interpolation and criticism to help us understand the mystery of our existence.  It does not claim to have all the answers, or all the right answers for that matters, but attempts to provide us with a better understanding of our relationship with society and other individuals.

It establishes and tests our standards of justice and inequity, and determines the scope and direction of most of our social activities.  But above all things, it tries to unravel the relationship between our thoughts and our actions. (Santas, 2001)

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC), Plato’s student and Alexander’s teacher, was one of the Greek world’s eminent philosophers, whose writings covered subjects as diverse as philosophy, arts, rhetoric, natural sciences, and politics et cetera.  Aristotle was one of the ancient world’s earliest philosophers to undertake an extensive study of logic, resulting in his writings on analytics – commonly referred to as Aristotelian logic.  It was based on Aristotle’s concept of syllogism, combining empirical observation and the application of logic to determine the relationship between any two objects or ideas. (Rorty & Williams, 2008)

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