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All of this basically goes to show how Machiavelli’s ideas were an integral component towards the realization of the fact that in the modern day, his theories uphold as it can be seen in the major firms and corporations where a single ruler needs to set out rules and govern his business in a form that assures the continuous and successful state of progress.In The Prince, he decidedly argues that in the modern society one cannot rely on the idea of luck in itself for the impact of it is of the sort which cannot be guaranteed. Thus the best power that any leader may possess towards decision making ideology is to rely on prudence. This can be seen in chapter 21, where Machiavelli states that prudence “consists in knowing how to distinguish degrees of disadvantage, and in accepting a less evil as a good” (162). Thus, this is another form of the idea where the beliefs of the Ancient Philosophy come to a clash with those of the modern political thought and modernism. (Michael L. Morgan, Classics of Moral and Political theory (fourth edition))

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