Sample Term Paper

We are expecting the sample size to shrink due to the loss to follow or due some of the participants deciding not to continue being a part of this study anymore. The large sample size determined in the beginning takes these factors into account. No animals will be used in the proposed research.It is possible that the information booklet on physiotherapy may be of sufficient quality to be sold.  If this were the case I would seek advice from xxxxxxxx about sale of the copyright and negotiation of royalties for interested parties. 

The research method and findings will be submitted for publication in a high impact peer review journal.  The findings will be presented at relevant conferences and professional meetings and made known through local health service contacts.

If it is shown that patient information and choice has a significant health impact then I will explore the possibilities of making this physiotherapy information more widely available through a commercial partnership with a publishing company.

We hope that upon completion this modified will provide evidence of interaction or lack or it between the patient s choice and clinical outcomes.It will also provide patients with plan on how to provide information and care.

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