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Hence, we can surmise that the only weapon we have against AIDS is not cure, but deterrence. Thus, the proposal of the Camden County College to place condom dispensers can be argued on grounds of health apprehensions, since the primary reason for the dissemination of the AIDS virus is a sexual encounter with the carrier of the disease. The College administration is indeed following in the footsteps of WHO and various other heath organizations in their incredible struggle against HIV and the promotion of safe sex.

Numbers have also risen for students engaging into binge drinking and drug use (Leinwand, 2007), behaviors that are well connected with parties and the hooking up phenomena, prompting understandable concern at the hands of the authorities since being under the influence makes the establishment of the right judgment extremely difficult. Condoms then, backed by scientific evidence of more than “80% prevention of risk” (WE Jr, 2004), make for essential protection. Thus, the College’s decision seems valid in nature and this validity brings no surprise when considering the fact that there are suggestions to place similar dispensers for females as well since that only helps to further eliminate the risk of sexually contracting a disease.

However, several arguments may be rendered against the use of dispensers. For students who commute to college, the practice of picking up a box on the way or while heading back home is considerably easy. Not only does the placement within restrooms seem unsuitable on moral grounds, the act also evades probable validation. No students prefer to engage in sex on campus, and the bulk of them choose not to publicize their endeavors by being seen purchasing supplies off a dispenser in a public restroom. I consider sex to be an intimate matter, and thus referring to such an intimate matter on the wall next to the wash basin is not something that I would find welcoming to my attention. I think the message being proclaimed here is that of business, since the College would have had to deal with the producers in order to allow their products being sold on campus, thereby generating extra revenue. This serves to deviate attention from the real message to be given to students, since condoms, if used properly (and by both sexes), do in fact stop the risk of STDs by a considerably large amount. Thus, I think that the administration’s choice is right on health grounds, but may not be virtually as fruitful as imagined. However, such a notion may be alleviated by time.

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