Sample Term Paper

If we take the example of a child which learns through its experiences in his own home. If the child is taken into the world outside, it does not mean that he will reject the experiences he has gained at home in favor of the experiences he gains outside. Nor does it show that such an action is prudent. Rather he will incorporate such experiences and allow a new perspective to form. While it is possible that the world outside will reject his experiences and allow him to form new ones, it does not exclude the possibility that knowledge of those false experiences will be the basis of his wisdom as well.

Additionally, a scenario enters my mind regarding Plato’s interpretation of justice, that the pursuance of justice requires the sum of the whole to act as one regardless of the advantages or consequences that might befall them. In this case if we take the example of the farmer and perhaps offer him the perspective that he is lacking. That he is merely a cog in the machine, that if he does not farm, his crops do not feed the warriors and in turn protect the city, that do not provide food for the citizens or material to trade with.

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