Sample Term Paper

Furthermore, giving oral presentations and standing in front of people and having them listen to what one has to say, is yet another example of how the group work study has gone towards establishing that its objectives are achieved. Not only has that made me more confident, but has played a significant role in assuring that I am a more polished and articulate speaker then I was before I started out.

Also, it has taught me the value of taking such presentations and work study groups more seriously, where the value of learning and what has been learned has proved itself to be most note worthy.

 Also, the effect and extent of the impact is not limited to only this. Another area where it has proved to be very integral, is in the field of what has been clarified to the participants as ‘attitude’. Not only has it been seen that this too plays a very essential element as far as working in organisations is concerned, but it also manages to help realize how to deal effectively with people. One of the major features of todays corporate world is the value of the Public Relations, where the art of dealing with people is an essential component. This work study program based on the Room 36 not only helped widen the range and spectrum of people that one was required to interact with and deal with, in order to realize and absorb how versatile people and their behaviour can be, and how to deal with such people.

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