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Sample Malaria Paper

A Method involves luring mosquitoes with carbon dioxide, ammonia or lactic acids (since it is these substances that are given off from the hosts and attract the female mosquitoes) and then killing them with an electrical current. Indoor residual spraying involves spraying insecticide on the walls of the house. This works because after feeding, mosquitoes rest on surfaces like walls, and once these surfaces are sprayed they come in contact with insecticide. Yet another way is to introduce species of fish in water bodies where the mosquitoes reproduce, where the fish feed on the larva population. This form of bio-control is appealing since there is no adverse chemical effect on the surroundings.

            The second category of prevention is the prevention of mosquito bites. Windows and other openings into the house can be fitted with wire netting to prevent entry of mosquitoes. Once outdoors, mosquito repellents such as castor, catnip or cedar oil may be used. Mosquito nets are extremely effective in this regard, however, they are often treated with insecticides since the mosquitoes might find their way through the netting. Nets impregnated with permethrin or similar insecticides are found to be around 70% more effective than no-treated nets. In areas suchAfghanistanandPakistan, where veils and sheets of cloth are commonly worn, it was found that impregnating these was not only as effective as using treated nets, but also cheaper.

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