Sample Term Paper

It is not necessary that only in the case of oil spill or accidents can cause damage to life an environment, for the same article states that while drilling, the fluids used may harm marine life, when used in offshore drilling. Furthermore, it goes on to say that there have been cases known where harmful toxic metals have leaked into the water, such as lead and mercury.Furthermore, it can also be seen that the bulk of the imports come not from the Middle East as it is usually implied, but from North America, where the States ‘imports nearly half of its oil from non-OPEC nations..derives approximately 35% of its oil from North America’ (Surfrider). Similarly, if there is to be any change in the prices of oil by expanding off shore drilling, it would take at least ‘ten years’ to bring it about,  (U.S. Department of Energy, June 2008) and it would be much more worthwhile to be more conservative towards the consumption of oil.

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