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Prophylactic drugs can be used. The same drugs that are used to treat malaria can be used to prevent it. This is generally done by taking doses lower than those required for treatment. Such drugs include quinine and its more effective and more widely used derivatives such as quinacrine, chloroquine and primaquine. While considering the use of prophylactics, several factors need to be kept in mind.

The drugs often need to be taken during a period of time extending from before, during and after exposure to the mosquitoes. This is because the drugs are not immediately effective after being consumed. Secondly, they are often expensive and the other methods of prevention mentioned above may prove to be more feasible. Also, some forms of malaria have developed resistance to quinine. Malaria must be treated on a timely basis if the patient is to make a complete recovery. Hospitalization is needed and the drugs commonly used for therapy are chloroquinine and the amodiaquine, mefloquine and sulfadoxine members of the Artesunate family of drugs. Recently research into a vaccine for P. Vivax offers hope of eradicating malaria once and for all (Galinski).

Malaria has been plaguing humanity for around 50,000 years. We have seen how concerted efforts have effectively wiped out malaria fromAmericaas well as many other parts of the world. We will need consistent financial, intellectual and institutional backing if we are to achieve our dream of eliminating this dreaded disease from our planet once and for all (Mills)

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