Sample Term Paper

Go Beyond Limitations

This principle signifies that hacking is all about solving the problems with increasing complexity on a continuous basis. Telling a hacker that something cannot be done should serve as a challenge and a motivation for the hacker to try. He or she must be able to use the technology as a crucial force to grow exponentially and overcome limitations. These limitations may be techniques to do tasks or they can even unjust laws or outdated moral codes (Mizrach 2010).

The Right to Free Communication

This principle highlights the right of people to communicate with their peers in a free manner. This has been stated on many international forums as well, as a basic human right. Therefore, a hackers being a human, also has a right to communicate with people in a way that is beneficial for him and he is allowed to exercise this right in any way possible (Mizrach 2010).

No Traces Left Behind

A hacker should not leave any trace of his or her activities after the work is done. A hackers must do everything to not to call attention and be as quite as possible to not only ensure his own safety but also of other hackers. Also, if a hacker is accused, then he must deny it while in case if he is caught, the he must plea the right to communicate with the peers freely (Mizrach 2010).

Enable Sharing

Hackers must belief that sharing of information increase its value. Therefore, hackers must not hoard or hide information (Mizrach 2010).

The right to Self Defence

This principle signifies the use of hacking as a self defence tool. It is imperative for a hacker to using hacking as a mean to defend against larger and more powerful sources that try to control his life. These sources can be government organizations or private corporations. Furthermore, a hacker must make them realize that they can be hacked, as it would make them think twice, everytime they try to squeeze the society (Mizrach 2010).

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