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However, if we consider these attacks in terms of war principles we find that they do not embody the ten main principles of war either. Of these principles which include the objective, offensive, mass, economy of force, maneuver, unity of command, security, surprise and simplicity. Of these the attacks have embodied all but one of the war principles, the most important one the objective. Though the United States has been carrying out these air strikes in the Waziristan area for a number of years now, they do not have a decisive end game for this battle.

Their objective may be to stop the attacks against their troops in Afghanistan. But the mounting civilian casualties are actually giving Islamic fundamentalists in the region more ammunition to use against them and their cause. In fact since the attacks have started it is far more likely that they have actually put their own soldiers in more danger than ever before since the civilian casualties have inevitably lead to the increased recruitment of more individuals to the cause of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Even peace may not be an option now.

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