Sample Term Paper

At present, in both public and private schools acrossAmerica, teachers recommend to their students the textbooks that they would like them to use.  This means two different students studying the K-12 grade in two different parts of the same district, or the same state, or the country could very well be studying from two entirely different textbooks to grasp the same concept.

Hence, unless and until the textbooks being used explain that concept in a remarkably similar fashion, the two will come out of school with possibly two very different understandings of that same concept – one possibly inferior to the other. 

The problem becomes more complicated when we realize that all textbooks hence recommended are not the same, with some being inferior to the others.  This in turn means that while they will offer substandard explanation of certain topics, they also may fail to cover – or sufficiently cover – certain topics.  The resultant inadequacies breed a discriminatory system, where the quality of education differs from one neighborhood to another, from one district to another, and from one state to another – with often an ethnic and/or economic component accompanying the resultant problems.

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