Sample Term Paper

The problem associated with health care in the United States will continue to be an issue for several years to come. The film Sicko has created a much needed debate among policy makers and the population to improve the status of the American health care system. Giving people ammunition to make this issue relevant and push it forward. The support from the constituents that maintain the failed Health Maintenance Organization will continue to remain in place for years to come, despite the opposition to this system of health care.

One can only hope that the citizenry will be able to come together and find a way to make the societal changes they need to survive in the new century. I honestly do not know the road that the health system of the United States will take, nor do I truly understand how they will yet survive the continued opposition to health care reform. As Mr. Moore iterates:

“They live in a world of we not me. We’ll never fix anything until we get that one basic thing right. And powerful forces hope that we never do (Moore, 2007).”

In that it cannot be denied that Mr. Moore is correct. American society will never find the equilibrium it so desperately seeks until it stops looking for ways to maintain the status quo and strives towards true change, change that will bring better health care to all its citizens. Whether it will happen or not only time will tell.

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