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How can professions and the process of professionalization be understood as systems?

Many professional groups have the desire to achieve power of self-regulations as well as the status an high salaries that come with it. For this purpose, they are required to obtain and retain a monopoly of control for a particular set of activities.

The system of professions describes the role of each of the characteristics of profession in achieving this goal. The process of professionalization can be understood to be a system because it describes how a social good would be pursued or protected by members of a profession in return for getting the power of self-regulation. In other words, the process of professionalization describes a social contract between a profession and a society (Johnson, 2009).

6.         Is computing a profession?  What are the arguments for?  What are the arguments against?

Computing can be considered a profession. However, there are both arguments for and against this statement. When analyzing from characteristics of profession point of view, most computer professionals are required to master an esoteric body of knowledge, which is often done through higher education. However, some argue that computer science does not have body of knowledge of its own. When it comes to autonomy, the computer professionals enjoy various levels of freedom in their work; however, computer professionals are not allowed to do anything other than an ordinary person. The profession of computing also does not have a single controlling body, but has a number of bodies to which its member can belong. There is also no single code of ethics; however, professional organizations like ACM and IEEE have their own code of ethics which are quite similar (Johnson, 2009).

7.         Should software engineers be licensed?  What are the advantages?  The drawbacks?

Software engineers should be licensed. Licensing advantages include its facilitation in recognizing software engineering as a distinct profession within computing. It would also help in developing education requirement which would mark the area of knowledge to be mastered by a software engineer as well as establish a code of ethics. However, at present it is difficult to see how software engineer licensing would be useful or not, as currently it does not give any special power or responsibility to the licensee which an unlicensed engineer does not has (Johnson, 2009).

8.         Name the primary relationship that individuals have when they work as computer professionals.  Can each type of relationship be thought of as contractual in character?  Explain.

Employee-Employer is the primary relationship for computer professionals.  Only Employee-Employer and Employee-Client relationship can be considered contractual as in these one party hires another to provide service and pays it back as well. Society-professional relationship is shaped by law and professional-professional relationship is a moral responsibility (Johnson, 2009).

9.         How does the categorical imperative apply to the employer-employee relationship?  How does it constrain employers in treating employees?

In a employee-employer relationship, the employer is contracted to provide a good working environment, hence the relationship can be thought of as fulfilling the requirements of categorical imperative. According to the categorical imperative, each employee is required to be treated with respect and should be never be use merely as means (Johnson, 2009).

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