Sample Term Paper

To enable the efficient use of information systems within ClubIT, its staff will have to be trained in both theoretical and technical aspects. To accomplish this, theory classes and workshops along with hand-on training will have to be conducted. The theory classes and workshops will help the staff at ClubIT in raising their awareness of the information systems as well as the advantages that they would bring at various level of the company. This opportunity can also be used to announce any changes to company’s rules and regulations that would be incurred due to introduction of information systems along with any new policy that would be implemented. Hands-on training, on the other hand, would be used to familiarize the staff with the implemented technology as well as to make them proficient in its use.

The workshops and theory classes will start as soon as the implementation of information system is authorized while the hands-on training will commence once the implementation of information systems is complete.  The training will be conducted initially be either the information system provide or by any other third party trainer. The first batch of the trainees will consist of management level employees, experienced personnel from each department as well as executives. This batch will then be made responsible for training of other employees.

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