Sample Term Paper

The government wants to allow women to drive but the issue is that the society needs some time to adjust to that (McElroy, 2008). The leaders in Saudi Arabia are trying to protect women by keeping them from this right to drive. According to them, only men are responsible for such things. As a result of that, they want women to stay home and be thoroughly involved with building a family, caring for the children and looking after the home.

They do not know that education is a big part of our religion and being educated only serves to raise a new generation. Along with that, this censorship is also concerned with denying women a means to do negative things. This is their approach, to be stricter while forgetting what Islam is really about. As long as women do the right thing without disobeying the rules, there should not be any censorship with regards to driving a car as long as it’s not against our religion.

Some Muslims do not allow their wives to finish their education or to work. This is because they need them to stay home. “In Saudi Arabia women are restricted from traveling. They are required not only to obtain a written permission from their male guardian but also to have a male escort with them. However, women in other Islamic countries travel without any problem and without any requirements (Deif, 2008).
Some of them do not give all the rights to women as well, such as not allowing her to work, finish her education, or marrying whomever she wants. Refuting this ideology is an example of the Prophet Mohammed’s wife Khadija who was a successful businesswoman by herself. This shows that in the time of Prophet Mohammed women had an active work life and were successful too (Kinninmont, Open Democracy, 2006). These limitations give Islam a bad reputation. Some husbands do not allow their wives to leave their homes and beat them when they disobey. Moreover, they make them cover their whole body so no one can see them. “Woman in some of the Islamic countries are required to wear something call an abaya which is a neck to ankle black robe and cover their hair with a black scarf in public places” (Pejman, The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics, 2004). People who treat their women aggressively or violently do it in contradiction to Islamic principles based on what traditions have taught them, mixing it with the real Islam only to be guided towards the wrong path (Deif, 2008).

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