Sample Term Paper

All the crucial business information that is necessitated to improve the market shares as well as sales volume is stored within the software database. By making use of this important data, employees and the higher authorities at McDonalds have been making sure that the customer relationships are made stronger as the main rationale to be stronger in the market has been realised by McDonalds that the customers, rather than the employees and employers make an organization successful and competitive.

Project management at McDonalds has been achieved by proper implementation and usage of resources which makes sure that the best of innovative and risk taking capabilities are utilised from the departments as marketing, human resources and training and development. In this case it has been seen that the project analysis is the first step that is carried out at McDonalds that analyses the outcomes of a certain project. Human resources department is the one making available the man power that can make the project a success by using all the risk taking abilities in the project team. The resources, even if in the limited amount, need to be, organised and properly utilised so it can give the best of profits; not only in the cost and financial terms but also in the market share and sales volume (Lewis, 2002, p. 32).

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