Sample Term Paper

A project manager is normally conferred with the powers to guide and lead the project team by the organizational stakeholders in order to ensure that the people resources give their best in order to streamline the project planning goal attainment process. The project manager also has the duty to ensure that resource allocation is done through in-depth analysis and delegation of duties to very competent project team members under him or her.

In order to ensure the overall success of the project, it is prudent for the manager to do constant regular audit of the project progress in order to ensure that the success of the project is inclusive and that the stakeholders do not disown the project midway through. Constant evaluation of the project evaluation help in ensuring that any weaknesses, loopholes, negative perceptions and, and unrealized management problems are addressed in due time. Dealing with this project by ensuring that the risk posed by the managers’ change of objective are addressed before addressing the risk caused by the database specialist help in preventing many other future risks associated with project management plan. It is evident from the above analysis that unlike in the crisis management, good project risk management often goes unnoticed. On the other hand, well-rum projects normally appear to be effortless. However a lot of work should be done in the actual running a project. It is therefore important that the project managers should strive to make their jobs look easy to reflect the results of well-run projects.

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