Sample Term Paper

Experience is the most significant world in the Prologue of the Wife of Bath.  The woman is obviously referring to the events of her personal life – to her five husbands, her cloth business, and her love of travel.  Her experience also includes what she knows about her entire social class, the bourgeoisie engaged in trade.From her experience, we learn that a marriage in which both partners are equal in terms of their finances, is bound to be a healthier institution.  The Wife of Bath was engaged in the most lucrative trade of her time (Carruthers).  Hence, her ideas about marriage, in particular one that involves an equal financial independence of both partners, must be respected.  She is making sense, although we find in her story that she does not wish to deal with her partners on equal terms.  Rather, she wants to subdue them.  Is she, by so doing, subjecting them to grief because her sisters have experienced grief at the hands of men?  Is she, in other words, taking revenge on behalf of the ‘weaker sex’?  I believe that it is possible, since the Wife of Bath appears as a strong defender of the ‘weaker sex’ in opposition to the gender that has controlled, hated, and tormented it for a long time – and all of it, thanks to the common law of the time.

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