Sample Term Paper

In order to address this problem and the profound implications it has for our educational system as a whole and the quality of education that it is meant to uphold, fundamental changes in our educational system and policy making circles are required.  We need to realize that to continue with things as they are would simply mean that the quality of education that we are able to offer our students will vary greatly from one place to another with deep economic and social implications.

The first step in the right direction would be to undertake a review of our existing educational system, and the powers vested in or appropriated by its various components in the policy-making domain.  The present system considers education as primarily the responsibility of the state governments through their respective departments of education and their local offshoots at the district and community level, hence the significant majority of funds allocated for education in a fiscal year are raised by the state governments and their local bodies with an increasing proportion being contributed by private interest groups.

This means that the state government, its local bodies and the various public- and private-sector organizations thus involved in raising these funds enjoy an almost-enviable degree of freedom while developing and implementing policies that will affect the lives of millions of students across a state’s boundaries in particular and the country in general.

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