Sample Term Paper

It has been viewed that the qualitative research methodology cannot be described in a clear cut form due to the impreciseness of its nature. That is because as the methods employed in this research can be ‘elusive’ and ‘vague’. This is because the major issue with this type of research is that the field is too large and broad to be studied precisely.However, with regards to its philosophical approach, it can be seen that here, there is no fundamental hypotheses that becomes the basis of the study. The attempt here is that since the researcher does not really know how events and things will unfold, it becomes near impossible to hypothesize on the situation. This comes from their belief in regarding every human as unique, and every incident as unique, where both of these exist as separate entities, and one must delve deep into the feelings and thoughts, to not only understand how they feel, but to consider them as they are: reality. Firestone (1987)states that qualitative methods are founded on a post positivistic, phenomenological world view, and therefore supposes that “reality is socially constructed through individual or collective definitions of the situation.” He then goes on to say that the reason or aim of such a research is to understand the situation of the present day or the current element in hand from the viewpoint of the consumer himself. Which means, “In quantitative research, the emphasis is on collecting data that lead to dependable answers to important questions, reported in sufficient detail that it has meaning to the reader. The proto-typical qualitative study is the ethnography which helps the reader understand the definitions of the situation of those studies.” (Firestone W. A. 1987, page 17)

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