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Sample Quantitative methods Analysis Paper

Quantitative methods have an approach that has its roots firmly embedded in objectivity. This leads to an ideal situation where all the information, from raw to analysed data, is collected in a procedure that is not only measured in precise terms, but controlled too.

This provides a solid framework that has the quality of being replicated if the need arises, and can be rechecked and reassessed at any stage or at any given time due to the very nature of its strict protocol as far as precision and accuracy of record is concerned.

This is further publicised by the concept that in the quantitative method of researching, different scenarios can be analysed and created and studied at any length of time. Not only does this give an access to a clearer insight into the problem one has at hand, but also the mathematical aspect of it helps define and give structure to the whole idea.

This then creates a grid work of verifiable and solid information that has been tested over and again, to recognise elements that may help contribute towards determining causes of the behaviour of the particular field of interest. Through a multi-dimensional network, than spans the likes of pie graphs and flow charts, to histograms and frequency polygons and all the way to matrices, a vivid visual aid is provided to discuss and absorb deeply all the various results that have been achieved. The main idea behind this follows the theme of determining a correlation factor, and then analysing to see if a relationship may arise out of it. This then helps the researcher in ascertaining whether or not causality exists.

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