Sample Term Paper

 The argument that follows the approach of this method is based on two major assumptions. Firstly, the scientific method has its ground beliefs in the ability of humans to derive and extract information from the process of observation. The observation here can be expanded to mean the research and examination of any particular object or idea or phenomena over time.

This helps build up a solid information resource on that particular phenomena that can be later examined and re-examined to prove whether it is genuine in its cause and can be verified. This then brings up the second assumption, which deals with the idea that ‘lawful’ relationships tend to exist between various phenomena, and that relationship can be studied in order to be able to understand ones knowledge regarding human nature and behavior, as well as in other academic fields, such as the likes of those management and physical and biological sciences. (Ary, D., Jacobs, L.C., Razavieh, A. & Sorensen, C. (2009))

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