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Sample Quantitative Methods Paper

From time immemorial, the tendency to seek and acquire knowledge has been one of the most fundamental features that define the human race. In the struggle to enhance and celebrate ones cognitive abilities, human beings will go to any extents to achieve further goals in not only the academic fields, but also from a practical world approach.With technology and information increasing multi-fold, the race to out-do not just one another but to also to out-do oneself has now become a common phenomena.  Therefore, the tides of time have shifted and have presented to the human race with the uncanny and powerful ability to seek and realize greater understanding with the world now gripped in the throes of an information explosion.

Where once this information stemmed from the likes of communication and authority, where deductive and inductive reasoning formed the basis of all the major understanding, in today’s modern world the scenario is quite different. Although the same techniques do form the core of all understanding at some level, but the approach of the majority of people have shifted. Now, the demand for information that has been filtered first through the scientific method is considered the most accurate and veritable.

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