Sample Term Paper

As discussed before the reaction to stress is not stagnant, it varies from person to person.  Some people are calm in nature and they have a much laid back attitude that shines through in every situation. On the other hand some people are very conscious in nature and tend to get worried on small issues (Mayo clinic, 2008).

Lest take an example of two individuals namely Sam and Joe. Both of them have an interview at 10am sharp at an organization. Both of them are traveling in a cab and they get stuck in a traffic jam. Sam is a fussy kind of a person and gets stressed out when things are not in favor, while Joe is a cool minded and relax person. Sam takes out his frustration on the cab driver and the policeman incharge.  Joe on the other hand keeps his cool get out of the cab and tries to find an alternate route to reach the destination. Eventually he finds another route towards the office and reaches there just on time.

This is a classy example of how two different individuals’ deals with a similar kind of a situation in different styles. Joe kept his cool and quickly analyzed the situation while Sam gets anxious at the first sign of trouble and panicked. This difference in response is due to the mental strength of both the individuals to deal with stress.

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