Sample Term Paper

The recent budgets of UAE are people friendly and devoted to social welfare programs including education, healthcare and youth development. The main revenues in these budgets are from the public and economic sectors. The allocation of these revenues in the 2009 budget focus greatly on social welfare and education, as AED9.7 billion – 23 percent of the budget is allocated to the education sector and AED 15.6 billion – 37 percent of the total budget is allocated to the services sector (Augustine, 2008).

The budgets of the recent years are not dependent on oil as the earlier budgets but rely more on the public sector and economic sector to contribute to income. The expenditures of the budget are more development oriented and people friendly.  The 2009 budget is the largest budget in the history of UAE, the budget amount has increased by 21 percent with a net worth of $11.5 billion or AED42.2 billion (Government Communications Office, UAE, 2009). Before this budget the 2008 budget was the largest budget of history and before that the budget of 2007, this shows that the Government of UAE has made efforts to increase the efficiency and size of the budgets in recent times.

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