Sample Term Paper

At first coach Boone is quite an imposing figure. He exemplifies the persona of a pace-setting leader. He expect everyone his assistant his players to fall in line and do exactly what he demands of them. He has the drive and the ambition to succeed. He also has the knowledge and the experience to make things happen.

Coach Yoast however is in a quandary at the beginning of the film. He adopts the role of the democratic leader. He is mostly there to ensure the well being of his players while also appeasing his new employer. However, he is unsure of himself or his new position. But of course expects that things will work out. He remains this way for most of the film and thus is mostly in the background in terms of leadership.

As the film goes along the issue of racial harmony is brought into play again. Coach Boone proposes an exercise to mend the racial barriers present in his team. Showing his affiliative side he comes up with an idea for his players to get to know more about the person they are rooming with. Later on when it appears the exercise may be working he encourages them further by sharing the story of civil war veterans. Who fought side by side and spilled their blood so that they could have their freedoms.

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