Sample Term Paper

In today’s fast moving and dynamic global world it is becoming a common knowledge to update our geographical knowledge based systems, to help resolve some of the core issues that face the world today. To this effect the most issues that affect our global social- economic and livelihood stability like global warming, volcanic eruptions, climatic changes, ice age cycle, and land mass movements grate solution lies in appropriate integration of the geographical skills and technology.

One of the major areas of geographical interest in its content scope of the earth surface phenomena is the physiological aspect. This is entirely because the land supports everything on earth surface. Therefore its careful study can lead to solution to various geographical rooted problems. For instance the current witnessed climatic challenges which have proved to claim life of millions of persons through flooding, volcanic eruption, earthquakes and their effect can only solved through proper, efficient and effective use of the available technology on geological mapping: remote sensing.  Therefore in this line of thought; this research paper purposes to look at remote sensing application to solve some of the earth’s challenges. In an attempt to demonstrate this well, the paper shall solely examine remote sensing application for geological based issues. The paper shall also include systems, themes and validity of the application to facilitates problem solving for our globe.

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